Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Preschool- Pirates Week 1

Hello!  Do you have a little pirate in your house, too?  Little Guy received some Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys for Christmas, and has been loving playing pirates, watching pirates, and learning about pirates ever since.  In trying to keep preschool in line with Little Guy's interests, we did a pirate theme!  Little Guy is 42 months old.

I found a lot of great printables with pirates.  This first one came from 123 Homeschool4Me.  This activity was a great listening exercise for Little Guy, as he had to follow the directions to place the objects in the correct spot.  It also reinforced positional words, like over and under.

This number count and clip also came from 123 Homeschool4Me.  It was great counting practice to 10 for Little Guy.  He needed some support to count past 7, but he is getting better and better at his one-to-one correspondence.

I found some great beginning sound sheets at The Relaxed Homeschool and Homeschool Creations.  Little Guy really enjoyed these sheets and listening to the sounds at the start of the words.  He also really enjoyed using a pencil to circle or cross out the pictures!

This was a fun counting and number recognition activity from Homeschool Creations.  Little Guy pulled a number from a small bowl and then had to put that many parrots flying over the pirate!  As you can see, he was quite proud of himself!

This next activity was a real world activity- sorting silverware.  Grandma A had found this silverware tray at a garage sale this summer, so it was the perfect item to use for this activity.  Little Guy sorted the silverware a couple of times, including separating tablespoons/teaspoons and small forks/big forks.

The next part of the activity was completely him!  He wanted to count all the pieces of silverware.  He laid them out on the floor and counted them!  It was so neat to see him take ownership over this activity and turn it into something he wanted to figure out.

We needed to do some alphabet practice, so I put the magnetic alphabet into our sensory bin, currently filled with peas and beans.  I also put in a dozen gold doubloons- I had to stick with the pirate theme a little!  As Little Guy found the letters, he would name them and then stick them to the cookie sheet that had the alphabet written on it.  I think this was his favorite activity of the week, as he came back to it several times!

We had some gold doubloons, so we also needed a treasure chest to put them in.  I saw this pin on Pinterest and had to try making our own treasure chest!  I only had egg cartons with a dozen spots in it, so we used that and painted it brown.  I added yellow stripes later.   This was the perfect treasure chest to use as he pulled the doubloons out of the sensory bin, especially since it had the correct number of spots!

We'll have more pirate activities next week!  For additional ideas, check out my Pinterest board!

What have you been up to in preschool recently?

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