Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cooking with Little Guy- Veggie Dip

For Little Guy's birthday back in June, Grandpa and Grandma B. gave him a cookbook called Mom and Me Cookbook: Have fun in the kitchen! by Annabel Karmel.  In this cookbook are some really fun recipes.  We finally had a chance to try them out.

The first one we tried was called "Avocado Frog Dip."  We made a trip to the grocery store specifically to get the ingredients we needed, such as an avocado, lemon, chives, a cucumber, and olives.  While I helped with the hard parts (including chopping up the tomato), Little Guy put most of it together on his own.
Mashing the avocado.
Stirring in the tomato and other ingredients.
The finished dip!
I think it turned out really cute!  He put the face together himself! And the verdict?

First taste!
He liked it!  He even tried cucumber sticks dipped in it, as well as a sugar snap pea, two vegetables that I cannot normally get him to eat!  This is definitely a make again recipe!

What have you made with your little one lately?

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