Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pasta fun

Little Guy is a busy little guy. That leaves me to try to come up with new ways to keep him entertained and, hopefully, learning. I had bought some pasta for Little Guy to play with. Some was bow tie, and some was rigatoni. I also had some bamboo skewers in a drawer. I wanted to create an activity for Little Guy where he could practice some fine motor skills. So this activity was born.

I took an empty cottage cheese container and poked 4 holes in the bottom. Into those holes I stuck 4 bamboo skewers.

Then we took the rigatoni and put it on the skewers. This was a great activity for Little Guy. It was good for his fine motor skills as well as his coordination in order to get the rigatoni on the skewers.

Hard at work!  Look at him concentrate!

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