Saturday, September 1, 2012

Someone's in the kitchen...

During the day, Little Guy and I spend a chunk of time in the kitchen. Being as that he is only 14 months old, he is not quite big enough to help mama cook or unload the dishwasher (although he does try). That means he has to be busy while I am working.

We have a bank of drawers, and the bottom drawer is his. We keep his cups, spoons, and bowls in there. Inevitably he will open that drawer and begin pulling things out. Lately, he has had a fascination with having a spoon in his mouth and will walk around with it.

However, sometimes mama gets tired of stepping around bowls and so I try to give Little Guy some alternate activities to do, usually reusing some household materials. One such activity uses an empty Puffs container. It has a little flip-top lid, which is fun in and of itself. Originally, I had several plastic baby spoons that Little Guy could drop into the container, then we would dump it out and he would do it again. This was fun for a while, but after too many times of using it, Little Guy became bored with this activity!

We have now changed the activity. I recently emptied a small cylindrical container (think oatmeal container but smaller). I put several small wiffle balls into the container for Little Guy to take out of the cylinder and put into the Puffs container. This is pretty fun! The balls add the extra challenge of rolling away if he doesn't quite get them in the hole. Little Guy also made it into a new activity by putting one ball into the Puffs container, closing the lid, and shaking it! These activities can keep him occupied in the kitchen for up to a half hour!

Look! I can open the lid!

Putting the ball into the container!

This morning we tried another activity.  I buy the little containers of mandarin oranges for him to eat, and then I save the containers. The containers are a perfect size for him!  Anyway, I got out a bag of bowtie pasta and he went to town, putting the pasta into the bowls!
Ohhhh! I love to get the pasta out of the bag!

The pasta goes in there!

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