Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Joy of Jello!

Everyday, I get an email from Productive Parenting with an idea for an activity I can do with Little Guy. One activity was to play with Jello! When Grandma B was here watching Little Guy, we made some orange Jello. I used about 3/4 of the water it called for, in hopes of making it a little stiffer.

Grandma B put Little Guy in his highchair one morning and put some Jello on the tray! Little Guy had fun with the Jello, and enjoyed eating it as well. One downfall: it stained his hands orange!

What is this stuff?

Ohhh...its kind of squishy!
The following weekend, we got out the rest of the Jello. I stripped him down to his diaper and plopped him into his highchair. I cut the Jello into strips and then let him play (and eat...see the orange around his mouth?!).  Little Guy was not the only one who had fun with the Jello. I enjoyed squishing it between my fingers, too!  This time, he ended up with an orange belly too!  We went straight to the bath!

I think I remember this stuff...

Oh yeah!  It's really fun!

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