Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another idea for Shaving Cream: Shaving Cream and Trucks

Since Little Guy really enjoyed the shaving cream, I wanted to get it out for us to use again.  This time we went outside, as I feared it might be messier because we used the trucks to drive though the shaving cream.

We started out with shaving cream on the table.  Little Guy seemed a little tentative about the shaving cream.  I was nearby to encourage him.  This activity ended up being a cooperative effort with both us.

Are you sure I can put my truck in there?

It's in!
To help him get going, I started to smear the shaving cream around.  This got him going, too!  We have been talking about colors lately, so I added some food coloring to smear in.  We added yellow first, then a few drops of blue.  Although it is hard to see, the food coloring did a nice job and after it was all mixed in, we had a pretty sea green color.

Time to smear!
Then Little Guy was a little more interested in pushing around the trucks.

Moving the trucks around!
The last thing we did was to wash the trucks in the water table.  He would take a  truck over, swish it around, then put it back on the table.  Then he'd grab another truck, and repeat.  I think this was his favorite part, as he kept rinsing time and time again.

Time to wash!
While Little Guy was rinsing his trucks, I cleaned the rest of the shaving cream off the table.  The only other cleanup was to empty and rinse the water table and trucks, as the shaving cream left a film.

One recommendation is to have a damp towel outside with you.  It was nice for me to wipe off my hands, and Little Guy used it to wipe the shaving cream that was on his arms.

How have you played with shaving cream lately?

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