Friday, July 19, 2013

More Airplanes

Little Guy is still fascinated by airplanes! I thought I would update you on his interest!

One of my friend's husband is a pilot.  At a recent visit to their house, he let Little Guy try on an old headset!  We had brought our book Airport with us.  Once he had a headset, Little Guy found the headsets on the pilots in the book and pointed them out. At first, he was hesitant to put the headset on his head.  Eventually (after everyone else tried them on), he did put them on.  It was super cute! 

Look!  There's the headset in the book!

I have on a headset!

Little Guy to Tower.  Over.

In addition to trying on an actual headset, our airplane collection has grown!

Not only do we have more airplanes, but our book collection has grown, too! We continue to check books out of the library, but now we have a few of our own. The Airplanes book makes different sounds, so it is a fun book.  Airport by Byron Barton is still a favorite, and so is Planes, also by Byron Barton.

Checking out his Planes book!

How do you continue to support your toddler's interests?

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