Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Color Busy Bag

So I am enjoying putting together busy bags!  (Can you tell?) One skill that  I have been working with Little Guy on is recognizing colors, so a color themed bag seemed perfect!

I put together this simple color matching activity, using clothespins and felt.  This idea came from The Pleasantest Thing.

This activity is great fine motor practice, as Little Guy has to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners.  This idea came from Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten.  I cut the pipe cleaners in half, making them fit into a spice jar.

The beauty of the spice jar is that it made the pipe cleaners into another activity: pushing the pipe cleaners through the holes in the lid!

I added three books and we were set. The Flaptastic Colors book was a great book to have as each page has a large flap to open to find things that are that color.

So we took this busy bag to the car dealership while we waited for an oil change.  Overall, it kept Little Guy quite busy (in addition to him playing with the stroller).
Putting our new bag to the test!  Stringing the beads.

Working hard to use the clothespin!

After the first use I made a couple of changes to the bag.  I added a little tray to dump the beads in. This is the lid of a small gift box. Little Guy really liked to dump out the beads, but if I wasn't ready, they went all over. The tray should help with that. 

I also changed up the books a little. The titles now included are:
  • White Rabbit's Color Book
  • Brown Bear,  Brown Bear, What Do You See? 
  • Colors
  • Colors (A Baby Einstein mini board book)
  • Colors Nursery Rhyme Concept Book

So that is our color busy bag.

What activities do you have to practice colors?

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  1. These look like so much fun! I'm glad you liked the busy bag we shared :)