Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Guy is 2!

I can't believe it!  How has it been 2 years since Little Guy was born?  He is turning into such a neat little boy (not a baby any longer). 
Here's the birthday boy! (Did you notice his airplane birthday shirt?)
 On his actual birthday, Daddy took the day off of work to spend with us!  When Little Guy came downstairs, a few of his presents were out!  We continued the fun by going out for breakfast.  We came home and opened some more presents.  One thing Little Guy got was a tricycle!  He's still getting the hang of the pedals, but it should grow with him!  (It also has a handle, so Mommy and Daddy can push and steer him!)

His birthday party was on Sunday.  While we had planned a bar-b-que with outside activities, we were going through a heat wave and ended up staying inside!

The birthday had an airplane theme (of course)!

Little Guy's airplane birthday cake.

Checking out the cake!

And blow!

The candles are out!

Oh, it is so yummy!
Little Guy seemed to have a great time!  We were blessed to have friends and family help us celebrate, whether they were there with us or just thinking of us! 

 I can't wait to see what the next year holds!

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