Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

This was the first time that we dyed Easter eggs with Little Guy.  Last year he was only nine months old, so we did not dare to try eggs!

Getting ready to dye Easter eggs!

We dyed eggs outside since it was beautiful weather.  I spread a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store on the ground as our work surface.  I looked for some small bowls to dye the eggs in, but couldn't find any so I used some of our mugs.  Since they were tall, it was helpful to minimize splashing as Little Guy dropped the eggs in!  We had four colors, so we would just need to do two rounds of dyeing since we had eight eggs.

Little Guy trying to gently put the egg in the mug.

We tried to let Little Guy do most of the work.  He started by putting the eggs into the mugs of dye.  He didn't quite grasp that they were (somewhat) fragile and just dropped them in.  It did get somewhat better as we said "Gentle!"  Oh well, the cracks won't hurt us!

Here is my blue egg!

He really enjoyed having the eggs in the dye.  He liked stirring the eggs as they were soaking.  There was not quite enough liquid to cover the eggs, so this helped to completely dye the egg.  It also left white lines on the eggs, giving them an interesting look!  He did not want to take them out, which meant that we had very vibrant colors.  We had to convince him to take the eggs out.

Daddy, this egg goes in here!

Overall, we had a fun time dyeing the eggs!  Little Guy seemed to enjoy the experience, and it was not overly messy.  His fingers did get a little stained from pulling the eggs out of the dye, but a toddler with green fingers is cute, right!

Our beautiful Easter eggs!

How was dyeing eggs with your toddler?

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