Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Table

We are starting to get ready for Easter this week.  Saturday morning we went to the zoo for their Easter Eggstravaganza.  It was a cold morning, so we did not stay very long.  As part of the festivities, Little Guy participated in an Easter egg scramble.  He was in the zero to two age group, and there were lots of eggs scattered on a field.  Daddy took him out and they collected three eggs!  Little Guy wanted to investigate the eggs as he picked them up.  He seemed to enjoy opening and closing the eggs, and did not seem to notice as I spirited the candy away.

When we got home, we dug out our Easter box and found more eggs.  Little Guy seemed to enjoy playing with the eggs, and even putting other eggs or pom poms into them.  So the idea for the play table was hatched!

Wow!  Look at all those eggs!

We did not have quite enough eggs to fill the table originally, so I picked up some more as I was running errands.  Little Guy seemed to be really interested!

Here is a big one!

 I put an empty egg carton into the table as well, and we had a basket sitting nearby.  Little Guy spent part of his time putting eggs into the basket.

What's inside?

 Some of the eggs still had pom poms in them from playing earlier.  Little Guy enjoyed discovering the hidden treasures!

Working to close the egg.

 It is tough for him to close the eggs.  He is getting lots of practice signing the word "help!"

I'm going to fill my basket!

What are you doing to get ready for Easter?

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