Friday, March 29, 2013

3 fun things about oatmeal

We started a new sensory bin with oatmeal this week.  Oatmeal is very fun to play with.

Fun thing 1: You can easily scoop it with a spoon.  Little Guy was using a spoon to scoop it into containers.

Got my spoon, ready to scoop!

It can go in this big container!

Fun thing 2: It can go in a variety of containers.  Little Guy got down the bag that holds all the old food containers that I am holding onto, and poured and scooped oatmeal into several of them.

Twist on the lid, and shake, shake, shake!

Fun thing 3: Once it is in a container, you can shake it up!  It made a noise that is different than other sensory ideas.

It even goes in this square container!

For me, oatmeal is pretty easy to clean up.  Little Guy used his dust pan and hand broom to clean some up.  When he worked on cleaning, most of it missed the garbage can.  I easily cleaned it up with the broom and vacuum.

What is in your sensory bin with oatmeal?

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