Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We hope you had a wonderful day!

The Easter Bunny visited our house last night, and left Little Guy a basket!  It had sidewalk chalk, animal crackers, bubbles, a Leap Frog music player, and a "Farm on a String."  (We generally don't give Little Guy candy, so he got animal crackers and yogurt melts in his eggs instead.)

He had fun pulling out the different items.  First out was the sidewalk chalk.  Then he found the animal crackers (I remember those little boxes when I was a kid, and couldn't resist getting one for him).  Next he found his music player.  We thought that this would be a big hit as he loves music and dancing.  He had a lot of fun dancing to the music!  (This music player was enjoyed multiple times throughout the day!)

Bubbles came next, followed by his "Farm on a String." Each animal has a hole, and you thread the long cord through it.  It was a success!

 After nap, we went looking for Easter eggs in the front yard.

Little Guy is looks like a little boy in those shorts and polo shirt!  Where did Mama's baby go?

Later, while I was cooking dinner, Daddy and Little Guy got out the new sidewalk chalk!

We had a fun Easter!  I hope yours was great, too!

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