Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Painting Fun!

Grandma A. recently sent Little Guy some paintbrushes.  These were not ordinary paintbrushes, but some with different textures.  Since we are home this week on Spring Break (woo hoo!), I thought it was the perfect time to bust them out.

Here was our set up: 3 new paintbrushes, finger paint (I have made homemade paint before, but thought it was easier to use store bought this time), big construction paper, a paper canister (to paint), and a sheet to contain the mess.

Trying out the new brush.

Taking a break from the paper to paint himself.

Looking at the pattern this brush makes, before going back to smearing.

Painting the canister.  He put it on his arm himself!

Little Guy seemed to enjoy the painting!  He used all 3 brushes and smeared away!

When he was done, he reached for the wipes so he could help clean himself up!

What do you do to make painting different each time?

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