Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tote, Cell phone holder, and zippered pouch

I have been busy sewing.  I told you about the tote bag I made here.  Well, I like it so much that I have been using it for everything.  I had a problem with it, though.  My cell phone would get lost into the bottom, and I had a hard time fishing it out when it was ringing.  So I designed and made a cell phone holder.  It buttons so I can loop it around the handle of the bag, and I can take it out if I don't need it.  I also made a small zippered pouch.  I got the tutorial for the zippered pouch from Skip to My Lou off Pinterest.

Zippered pouch and cell phone holder.
It fits nicely!

Well, I loved these so much, I had to share them.  One of my sisters is getting married this spring, so I made her a set for her bridal shower.  I made one change to the bag.  I added a loop and button so it will close.

I wanted to put in a little personalization to my bags.  I used a tutorial from Kojo Designs to make a tag to go into my bags.  I had some extra material that had monkey faces on it, so I used that and wrote on the other side.  I think they came out cute!

Isn't it a cute monkey face!
My personalized tags.

Now onto my next project!

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