Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Color Matching

We have many plastic eggs at our house, thanks to our Easter egg play table.  I wanted to provide Little Guy with a learning experience with the eggs, so I decided to make a color matching activity using an old egg carton and the plastic eggs.

First, I colored the inside bottom of the egg carton holes the colors of eggs that we had.  To keep it somewhat simple, I chose six colors and colored the two holes next to each other the same color.

Then I got the eggs out of the table, so Little Guy only had the twelve eggs from which to choose.  I sat on the floor with him for this activity, asking him to find each color.  This way he received immediate feedback on whether his choice was correct or not. 

Here are the yellow eggs!

These two are orange!

He did very well!  Daddy was watching, too, and we were both pleased at how well he matched his colors!

What activities are you doing with your plastic eggs?

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